In the horror-comedy “Billy Club,” four friends reunite after fifteen years to remember their coach and teammates, who fell victim to a gruesome triple homicide that scarred their Little League baseball team. Old secrets resurface, and a masked killer with a lethal baseball bat seeks revenge, hidden behind an eerie antique umpire’s mask.

“Billy Club” blends horror and humor, exploring guilt, retribution, and the relentless grip of the past. The film unfolds against the backdrop of America’s favorite pastime as friends become targets of the masked assailant, racing against time to unveil their tormentor’s identity while confronting their own haunting history.

Billy Club | October 1, 2013 (United States) 5.2
Director: Drew Rosas, Nick SommerWriter: Drew Rosas, Nick SommerStars: Marshall Caswell, Erin Hammond, Nick SommerSummary: 4 friends who played Little League have reunited to pay tribute to their teammates who were murdered 15 years earlier, only to have a vengeful masked killer with a weaponized baseball bat targeting them.


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