Night Game is a suspenseful slasher film set in the Houston Astrodome where murders eerily match baseball victories. Ex-minor league player turned detective, Mike Seaver, is drawn into the case, unraveling mysterious ties between the killings, baseball games, and a cryptic “best of luck” message.

As Mike dives deeper, he identifies a pattern linking the murders to Astros’ pitcher, Sil Baretto. The investigation takes a darker turn with revelations about another pitcher, Floyd Epps, whose right hand, replaced by a hook after an accident, becomes a significant clue. Facing internal police friction and a looming threat, Mike’s quest culminates in a tense showdown, followed by a touching blend of justice and personal redemption.

Night Game | September 15, 1989 (United States) 5
Director: Peter MastersonWriter: Spencer Eastman, Anthony PalmerStars: Roy Scheider, Karen Young, Lane SmithSummary: A police detective tracks a serial killer who is stalking young women on a beach front after each game that a baseball pitcher wins.


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