“One Hit from Home” chronicles the journey of Jimmy Easton, a former baseball prodigy whose dreams are derailed by a crippling knee injury. Returning to his hometown, he grapples with the haunting memories of a traumatic past and the life he had once chosen to leave behind. Fate, however, throws him a curveball, and he finds himself coaching a struggling college baseball team. Amongst the players, one stands out: Brandon Elliot, a talent with a complicated history mirroring Jimmy’s own.

This poignant family film delves deep into the challenges and uncertainties of life. More than a story about sports, it serves as a reminder that through life’s toughest moments, it’s faith that can steer us back to where our heart truly resides.

One Hit from Home | March 6, 2012 (United States) 4.5
Director: Johnny Meier, David Aaron StoneWriter: Johnny Meier, David Aaron Stone, Pavel TchursinStars: Brian Trush, Caitlynn Palmer, Caroline PalmerSummary: An injured professional baseball player returns home to sulk but a nearby college baseball team with only one decent player needs a new coach badly.


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