In the turbulent setting of Manipur, northeast India, “The Only Real Game” reveals a community’s deep-rooted passion for baseball, a beacon amidst challenges like gun violence and HIV/AIDS. With its complex history tied to the Indian Union in 1949, Manipur sees baseball as an emblem of hope and respite.

“First Pitch,” a team of New York baseball enthusiasts, alongside two Major League Baseball Envoy coaches, collaborates with local players, including standout women leading peace initiatives. Through this beloved sport, the film showcases resilience and unity in Manipur’s heart.

The Only Real Game | May 1, 2013 (United States) 7.6
Director: Mirra BankStars: Melissa Leo, Bame, BhanuSummary: Manipur, a volatile border state in northeast India, defies gun violence, trafficking and HIV/AIDS through love of America's National Pastime - or as Babe Ruth called it "the only real game in the world."
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