The Open Road is the tale of a minor league baseball player looking to reconnect with his long-lost Hall of Fame father to bring him to the bedside of his ailing mother.

The Open Road (2009) Comedy, Drama | 90min | 28 August 2009 (USA) 5.5
Director: Michael MeredithWriter: Michael MeredithStars: Justin Timberlake, Ted Danson, Harry Dean StantonSummary: Carlton Garrett, son of Hall of Famer Kyle Garrett, plays minor league ball in Corpus Christi. He's in a slump when his grandfather calls to say that his mother, in Houston, is refusing a heart operation she needs to prolong her life. She says she won't have the operation until Kyle, her ex-husband, comes to see her. So Carlton, with his close friend Lucy, who used to be his girlfriend, goes to Columbus, Ohio, where Kyle is signing autographs. They haven't spoken in four years. Will Kyle go to Texas or will he find a way to duck out, as he's done for years? In addition to the father and son relationship, what about Lucy, and what about the slump? Written by <>


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