In “Brampton’s Own,” Dustin retires from minor league baseball and returns to his hometown, only to find everything has changed. His high school love is engaged, his mom is moving on, and his friends have scattered. While mentoring a young boy, he starts to reconsider what matters most.

Just as he begins to adjust, an injury to another player offers him a last shot at the major leagues. Faced with a tough choice between his old dreams and new beginnings, Dustin’s decision becomes a poignant exploration of home, love, and self-discovery.

Brampton's Own | October 19, 2018 (United States) 5.3
Director: Michael DonegerWriter: Michael DonegerStars: Alex Russell, Rose McIver, Jean SmartSummary: A struggling minor league baseball player retires and woefully returns to his small hometown, carefully dodging old wounds until confronted with the one that hurts the most - the girl that got away.


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