In “Cooperstown,” a baseball pitcher who never quite reached the heights of his professional aspirations is unexpectedly visited by the ghost of his former catcher. This catcher had achieved the kind of career success that the pitcher had always coveted, fueling a secret jealousy that lingered for years.

Guided by the ghost of his former catcher, the pitcher takes a journey through his past, confronting key moments and relationships. This introspective voyage provides a new lens through which to view his life. The experience helps him shed his lingering jealousy and find a renewed sense of fulfillment in his present circumstances.

Cooperstown | January 26, 1993 (United States) 6
Director: Charles HaidWriter: Lee BlessingStars: Ernie Harwell, Miles Perlich, Byron ThamesSummary: A former baseball pitcher, whose professional aspirations never fully materialized, is unexpectedly visited by the ghost of his old catcher—a figure he secretly envied. Guided by the catcher's spirit, he embarks on a journey revisiting significant people and places from his past. This ethereal encounter offers him a fresh lens through which to view and appreciate his life.
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