In “Curveball,” Nolan is a talented high school pitcher coping with his father’s violent death through his friendship with Sam, a local troublemaker. Their close bond brings excitement but also leads Nolan into a world of drug abuse and recklessness, jeopardizing his future and his baseball career.

Facing increasing concern from his mother, Sharon, Nolan reaches a crossroads that forces him to reassess his life and friendship with Sam. The movie examines the complexities of adolescence, highlighting how even deep friendships can be both uplifting and damaging, and how personal growth often requires facing difficult truths.

Curveball | November 18, 2015 (United States) 5
Director: Brandon ThaxtonWriter: Linton 'Buddy' Barnett IIIStars: Lynn Whitfield, Rockmond Dunbar, Jean-Luc McMurtrySummary: Curveball is the coming of age story of a boy named Nolan as he faces several challenges in his life which he must learn to conquer without the help of his mother or counselor.


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