In “Deadly Strike,” Boss Franz forms a company baseball team at Dirkschneider Inc. to boost morale. But instead of team spirit, a series of baseball-related deaths plague the players, raising suspicions that failed mascot Homer Pinstripe may be seeking revenge.
This dark comedy-thriller short delves into the perils of corporate team-building gone awry. With a series of mysterious fatalities, the ensemble cast must uncover the truth before they’re permanently benched. “Deadly Strike” serves up suspense and drama, making you wonder if team spirit is, in fact, deadly.
Deadly Strike 1 | August 17, 2008 (United States) 5.4
Director: Richard ChandlerWriter: Richard Chandler, Todd TherrienStars: Todd Therrien, Caitlin Robert, Aurora GrabillSummary: To boost morale at Dirkschneider Inc., Boss Franz decides to create a company baseball team. In short time, members of the group wind up dead due to baseball related deaths. Could this be the revenge of failed mascot Homer Pinstripe?
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