“Double Play” centers on Seth and Jesse, best friends and high school baseball co-captains facing their final season together. Seth’s increasing obsession with victory puts a strain on their friendship, challenging the duo’s cohesion on and off the field.

Starring Riley Dandy as Seth, Mark Edwards as Jesse, and Dutch Hofstetter in a supporting role, the film explores the delicate interplay between ambition and friendship. As the pivotal game against their greatest rivals approaches, both must choose between the allure of winning and the bonds of friendship.

Double Play | May 14, 2015 (United States)
Director: Michael DavisStars: Riley Dandy, Mark Edwards, Dutch HofstetterSummary: Seth and Jesse are not only best friends but also senior co-captains of the baseball team. During the final season of their high school careers, the relationship is tested between the two as Seth's obsession with winning begins to outweigh his friendship with Jesse.


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