In “Fastpitch”, New York artist Jeremy Spear revisits the sports days of his youth, joining the Abbott Labs fast-pitch softball team in Ashland, Ohio. As he navigates the 1996 season, Spear captures his experiences on the field and delves into the corporate sponsorships fueling these teams. Alongside, we encounter dedicated players such as the charismatic Maori superstar Shane Hunuhunu, who travels yearly from New Zealand, and observe the affluent Tampa Smokers managed by millionaire Peter Porcelli.

The documentary highlights the contrast between genuine grassroots enthusiasm and commercial interests in the sport. Spear’s keen observations craft a vibrant image of a lesser-known facet of America’s pastime. Through his lens, we meet the hopefuls who see fast-pitch softball not just as a pastime but as a potential gateway to professional baseball.

Fastpitch | August 25, 2000 (United States) 7.4
Director: Jeremy Spear, Juliet WeberWriter: Fred Kaufman, Jeremy Spear, Juliet WeberStars: Ken Billingley, Tony Hunhoff, Shane HunuhunuSummary: Fastpitch is the story of 35 year-old New York artist, director Jeremy Spear, who longs for the athletic days of his college years. He finds the solution in joining a fastpitch softball league in Ashland, Ohio and the result is this spirited, humorous, human documentary.


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