“Favorite Son” portrays the heartache of unrealized dreams and the path to redemption. David Paxton, once nearing baseball stardom, returns to his hometown as his minor league career dwindles, facing the stark truth that he’s far from the hero he imagined. He seeks connection with Joan and her initially distant son, Ross.

As David’s attempts to connect with Joan meet caution, a surprising bond forms between him and the troubled Ross. This unexpected friendship offers a chance for healing and understanding. Through this bond, David discovers that true heroism isn’t found on the baseball diamond, but in the trials of life.

Favorite Son | December 30, 2008 (United States) 6.4
Director: Howard LibovWriter: Howard Libov, Michael StewartStars: Pablo Schreiber, Connor Paolo, Kellie OverbeySummary: Nearing the end of his minor league baseball career, David Paxton returns to his hometown, no longer the anticipated hero. He seeks love and family with Joan and her resistant son, Ross. Despite their rocky start, David and troubled Ross form a secret bond. Facing dark pasts, David must step up as an unexpected father figure and become a true hero off the field.


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