In a local baseball park, a group of misfit kids are at the heart of a meteorite strike. Unscathed, they believe they’ve gained special powers. As they face life’s challenges, these powers underscore their unique spirit.

“Fields Afire” is a venture by the San Antonio Young Filmmakers Project. A collaboration of high school filmmakers and college students, supported by Soap Boxx Media and Illuminandi Media. Showcasing a talented young teen ensemble, the film celebrates emerging talent and youthful magic.

Fields Afire | October 2016 (United States) 8
Director: Will UnderwoodWriter: Terri Spaugh, Shannon JimenezStars: Kyle Cody, Britton Stoeckel, Madeleine AusburnSummary: A team of misfit kids playing at a baseball park are caught in a meteorite strike that burns the fields, leaving them unharmed but believing they are endowed with special powers.


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