Joe E. Brown plays a small town fireman who is also the town’s star ballplayer – and an inventor as a side-hustle. Brown is offered a pitching contract with the St. Louis Cardinals, reasoning that the money he’ll earn will help finance his invention for the Zenith Fire Extinguishing company.

Fireman, Save My Child (1932) Comedy, Sport | 67min | 20 February 1932 (USA) 5.9
Director: Lloyd BaconWriter: Ray Enright, Robert LordStars: Joe E. Brown, Evalyn Knapp, Lilian BondSummary: Joe Grant is an inventor, fireman and baseball player in his small home town. He gets an offer to play in a big team, he hopes to get more money for his inventions. But he is invited to present his invention to a fire-extinguisher company at the same time when he is supposed to play. Will he be able to show the effectiveness of his invention and win the game?


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