Elmer, the Great is a comedy film directed by Mervyn LeRoy, starring Joe E. Brown as Elmer Kane. He’s a naive yet egotistical rookie with the Chicago Cubs, whose teammates constantly play pranks on him due to his innocence. Despite his vanity, the Cubs management tries to keep him away from his love, Nellie, played by Patricia Ellis, fearing he’d leave the team. His situation becomes even more entangled when he’s seen with a glamorous actress and later amasses a huge gambling debt, prompting pressure to throw the World Series game.

After a confrontation with the casino owner, Elmer finds himself jailed, learning about a cruel prank his teammates played on him. Initially refusing to play in the pivotal game and even facing accusations of bribery, a turn of events leads him to the field. As the film, adapted from a 1928 Broadway play by Ring Lardner and George M. Cohan, heads towards its conclusion, a rain-soaked baseball game becomes the proving ground for Elmer’s true character and dedication.

Elmer, the Great | April 29, 1933 (United States) 6.1
Director: Mervyn LeRoyWriter: Ring Lardner, George M. Cohan, Thomas J. GeraghtyStars: Joe E. Brown, Patricia Ellis, Frank McHughSummary: Country bumpkin Elmer Kane joins the Chicago Cubs as the greatest hitter in baseball. His skill with a bat takes the team to the World Series, but on the way to the championship he has to deal with gamblers and crooked pitchers.


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