“Headin’ Home” marks the motion picture debut of the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth. In the film, Ruth takes on the role of Babe, a young country lad deemed useless by his fellow townspeople. Despite his firm belief in his own batting prowess, nobody in the town gives his talent a second thought.

That perception changes dramatically the day Babe hits an astounding ball that travels five blocks, ultimately crashing through a church window. This unexpected feat becomes the turning point for Babe, shifting local perceptions and cementing his destiny in baseball.

Headin' Home | September 19, 1920 (United States) 5.2
Director: Lawrence C. WindomWriter: Arthur 'Bugs' Baer, Earle BrowneStars: Babe Ruth, Ruth Taylor, William SheerSummary: Fictional story of a country boy who can't get the hang of playing baseball and is the butt of jokes in his small town. But one day he gets mad and knocks a towering home run. Suddenly he is off and running to fame in the big leagues. When he returns to his home town, everyone sees that he is the same loveable fellow he was before.


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