A stirring story of sports, patriotism and personal growth, Heading Home charts the underdog journey of Israel’s national baseball team competing for the first time in the World Baseball Classic. After years of defeat, Team Israel is finally ranked among the world’s best in 2017, eligible to compete in the prestigious international tournament.

Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel (2018) Documentary, Comedy, Drama | 1h 27min | 5 August 2018 (USA) 8.9
Director: Seth Kramer, Daniel A. MillerWriters: Daniel A. MillerStars: Ike DavisSummary: A team of nice Jewish baseball players takes on the world.


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Ken Burns tops himself with this epic of American history, told in “nine innings,” with a skilled narration by John Chancellor and the voices of Paul Newman, Jason Robards, Billy Crystal, and other stars. The series spans 150 years, starting with the tale of baseball’s true beginnings. Then follow the growth of America’s National Pastime through the decades of glory and record-setting achievements, as well as the scandals, the bigotry, and the big money. The series portrays the game as a mirror of America itself — the passions, prejudices, and ambitions that have shape the country.

  • Inning 1: Our Game (1840-1900)
  • Inning 2: Something Like War (1900-1910)
  • Inning 3: The Faith of Fifty Million People (1910-1920)
  • Inning 4: A National Heirloom (1920-1930)
  • Inning 5: Shadow Ball (1930-1940)
  • Inning 6: A National Pastime (1940-1950)
  • Inning 7: The Capital of Baseball (1950-1960)
  • Inning 8: A Whole New Ballgame (1960-1970)
  • Inning 9: Home (1970-1994)
  • Inning 10: The Tenth Inning (1994-2010)

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