“The Yankles” centers on Charlie Jones, a fallen major league baseball player seeking redemption. Tasked with community service after DUI convictions, he becomes the unlikely manager of The Yankles, an orthodox yeshiva student baseball team.

Under Charlie’s guidance, the students gain prowess on the field, while he discovers a path to healing through bonds formed with the team. Beyond the humor and baseball, the film touches on themes of second chances and forgiveness.

The Yankles | November 15, 2009 (United States) 5.3
Director: David R. BrooksWriter: David R. Brooks, Zev BrooksStars: Brian Wimmer, Bart Johnson, Don MostSummary: About Charlie Jones, a washed up, ex major league ballplayer, and how he gets a second chance at life and love by managing a Jewish, orthodox yeshiva baseball team.


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