Amiable cop Eddie Burke and his bumbling partner Burt Honneger take on the challenge of coaching the Tigers, a Little League baseball team filled with unique characters like a nose-picker, a gassy fielder, and the state’s prettiest girl. Known for their rough-talking demeanor and frequent losses, this racially diverse team has its work cut out for them.

Determined, Eddie and Burt look beyond the quirks of their players. Their mission becomes clear: to transform the notorious Tigers from underdogs into a unified team, aiming for the championship.

Here Come the Tigers | April 14, 1979 (Japan) 3.7
Director: Sean S. CunninghamWriter: Victor MillerStars: Kathy Bell, Noel Cunningham, Sean P. GriffinSummary: A losing Little League baseball team, comprised of rough-talking, racially mixed neighborhood kids, is ultimately pulled into enough of a team to win a championship.


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