Here Come the Tigers is a Little League comedy about a wild team of misfits who think they can make it big. What’s a coach to do with a chronic nose-picker, a flatulent fielder, an out-of-control pitcher, a juvenile delinquent and the prettiest girl in the state? Turn this bunch of losers into a winning team!

Here Come the Tigers (1978) Comedy, Sport | 87min | 14 April 1979 (Japan) 3.5
Director: Sean S. CunninghamWriter: Arch McCoyStars: Kathy Bell, Noel Cunningham, Sean P. GriffinSummary: Amiable cop Eddie Burke and his clumsy partner Burt Honneger get the impossible job of coaching a little league baseball team called the Tigers that's made up of assorted losers and misfits. Can Eddie and Burt whip the Tigers into shape and get the motley crew of oddballs to start winning games so they can have a real shot at the local championship?


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