“Boys of Summer” tells the gripping story of James Dalton, a former county league baseball star now a Marine, lying in a Vietnam blast hole with his brother Jacob, facing death. As the sons of a rebel and a storyteller, they confront a life filled with addiction, loss, and diverging paths—from Little League to the renowned “Summer League”—that forever alter their family’s destiny.

Directed by Robert David Cochrane, the film gains depth from his own 20,000-mile journey with his Parkinson’s-afflicted father to America’s baseball landmarks. The narrative transcends into a heartfelt tribute to family bonds and the enduring legacy of baseball in American culture.

Boys of Summer | February 21, 2006 (United States) 8.7
Director: Robert David CochraneWriter: Robert David CochraneStars: Joe Buck, Dan Cochrane, Robert David CochraneSummary: A man and his father who has Parkinson's Disease embark on a 20,000-mile road trip over two months to witness a game at each of the 30 Major League Ballparks. They also toured the MLB Hall of Fame, the Negro League Museum, and the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. Throughout their journey, they interviewed fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, as well as fellow individuals with Parkinson's. Half of the proceeds from the sale of this film will be contributed to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.


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