High & Outside: A Baseball Noir tells the poignant tale of Phil Harding, a man consumed by baseball since his birth to the legendary player, Len Harding. At 33, despite his deep-rooted passion for the game, Phil faces unyielding obstacles. Struggling to escape his father’s overpowering legacy, his life is further complicated by a failing marriage, dwindling finances, and the devastating setback of being released by the team he hoped would propel him to major league fame.

Set in the raw ambience of the San Fernando Valley, the narrative explores the depths of dreams, familial expectations, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions. The film becomes a reflection on ambition, sacrifice, and the challenging balance between personal dreams and life’s realities.

High & Outside: A Baseball Noir | February 6, 2020 (United States) 7.1
Director: Evald JohnsonWriter: Dan O'DairStars: Ernie Hudson, Geoffrey Lewis, Jason James RichterSummary: A minor league baseball player refuses to believe his career is over and takes desperate measures to keep his dream alive.


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