Sam Lewis, a widowed DA, strictly adheres to tradition in both parenting his daughter Amy and coaching her baseball team, always championing the “hit to right” strategy. When his Senate campaign demands more attention, he enlists Laura, Amy’s spirited teacher, to co-coach the team.

Their differing philosophies immediately clash. However, as they navigate the season, Laura’s fresh approach challenges Sam’s rigid views. Their shared journey not only changes the game’s dynamics but also fosters an unexpected bond in this heartfelt baseball story.

Hit to Right | November 21, 2009 (United States)
Director: Dave ColemanWriter: Alan SchneierStars: Alan Schneier, Laura Interval, Kaija MatissSummary: Since becoming a widower, Sam Lewis has become more cautious, safer and more disciplined in his approach to life and raising his daughter Amy; the same approach he brings to his job as DA, the same approach he employs coaching his daughter's softball team; the classic baseball "hit to right" approach. Laura, Amy's teacher, does not share Sam's philosophies on life or baseball so when Sam needs Laura's help to coach the team while he runs for Senate there are clashes but eventually, through their evolving relationship, Sam learns to relax and enjoy life, to become a better person.
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