“Jordan Rides the Bus” is an ESPN 30 for 30 film featuring Michael Jordan, who in 1994, signed with the Chicago White Sox and was assigned to the Double-A Birmingham Barons. He took the road trips and worked hard, but never obtained major league stardom. After one season of baseball, Jordan rejoined the Chicago Bulls and won three consecutive basketball championships.

Discover the real reason why Michael Jordan quit pro basketball to play minor league baseball and subjected himself to what mortal athletes go through daily.

Jordan Rides the Bus | August 24, 2010 (United States) 6.8
Director: Ron SheltonStars: Mike Barnett, Ed Bradley, David BridgersSummary: After leading the Dream Team to Olympic Gold and taking the Chicago Bulls to their third consecutive NBA championship, Michael Jordan walked away from the game of basketball. Director Ron Shelton shares this surprisingly touching story about the motivations that drove the world's most famous athlete to play baseball in the relative obscurity of Birmingham, Alabama.


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