In this movie short, set in a quaint boys’ orphanage, the legendary Babe Ruth arrives for an unexpected visit. Drawn into umpiring a game, he witnesses young Freddy’s heartbreaking strikeout with bases loaded, leading to a wave of ridicule from his teammates. Seeing the boy’s despair, Babe takes Freddy under his wing, teaching him the intricacies of baseball at a nearby professional park.

By the next day, a transformed Freddy steps up to the plate amidst doubts from his peers. With his newly acquired skills, he delivers a spectacular home run, earning cheers and admiration. As the tale concludes, Babe Ruth, after humorously clearing his car of eager young fans, assures them of his return for another game.

Just Pals | February 1, 1932 (United States) 6.5
Director: Benjamin StoloffWriter: Lou BreslowStars: Babe RuthSummary: In this movie short, Babe Ruth visits an orphanage and mentors a dejected young boy named Freddy, teaching him the intricacies of baseball. Transformed, Freddy defies his doubters by hitting a triumphant home run in the next game, leaving the legend and the kids with a promise of another game.
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