“Perfect Control” is an 8-minute short film that centers around a young boy in a rural school, wearied by his teacher’s tedious lessons. His daydreams transport him to a world where Babe Ruth himself invites the students to a spirited game of sandlot baseball.

In this dreamy escape, even the stern teacher swaps lectures for a glove. With the baseball field as their classroom, Babe Ruth showcases his renowned pitching techniques, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable baseball lesson.

Perfect Control | February 1, 1932 (United States) 6.5
Director: Benjamin StoloffWriter: Lou BreslowStars: Babe Ruth, Franklin PangbornSummary: A boy in a small country school is bored with his prissy teacher's monotonous lessons, and dreams that his idol, Babe Ruth steps in to invite all the boys out to play a round of sandlot baseball. Even the teacher joins in, and Ruth shows them some of his big-league pitching techniques.
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