Wacky Waters, an elite baseball pitcher, sees his game falter after falling for Hollywood starlet, Pepita Zorita. Teammates like Hippo Jones and Smokey Lee try varied tactics to divert his attention, but to no avail.

In a desperate move, the players’ wives, led by Hazel Jones, craft a plan to send Pepita back to Hollywood. This strategy briefly rekindles Wacky’s form, but Pepita’s dramatic return during the World Series adds a twist to the tale.

Ladies' Day | April 9, 1943 (United States) 5.5
Director: Leslie GoodwinsWriter: Charles E. Roberts, Dane Lussier, Bob ConsidineStars: Lupe Velez, Eddie Albert, Patsy KellySummary: A top baseball pitcher "loses" his pitching skills whenever he falls in love. His teammates try to get him to settle down with one woman so they can start winning some games.


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