“Last Strike” is a heartwarming narrative of Samuel, an 11-year-old passionate about baseball. As he grapples with the imminent loss of his cherished grandfather, he finds hope and determination in his grandpa’s final wish – for Samuel to hit a home run during a pivotal baseball game.

Drawing deeply from true events, the film is a touching portrayal of love, family, and bravery. As Samuel strives against the odds to land that significant homerun, the movie beautifully encapsulates a tale of dreams, dedication, and the enduring human spirit.

Last Strike | 2015 (United States) 8.5
Director: Isaac GraciaWriter: Isaac GraciaStars: Varda Appleton, Maura Mannle, Ellie FoxSummary: Samuel, an 11-year-old kid, is dealing with his grandfather's last wish on the most important baseball game of his life.


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Behind the scenes with writer and director, Isaac Gracia.

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