Mr. Destiny features Jim Belushi as a middle-aged, average Joe who struck out in his final high school at bat. But with a little help from an angel played by Michael Caine, he gets to relive his shot at glory. This is an overlooked mainstream comedy which is funny, fantastical, and slapstick.

Mr. Destiny (1990) Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | 110min | 12 October 1990 (USA) 6.4
Director: James OrrWriter: James Orr, Jim CruickshankStars: Jim Belushi, Linda Hamilton, Michael CaineSummary: Larry Burrows (Jim Belushi) is unhappy and feels powerless over his life. He believes his entire life could have turned out differently had he not missed that shot in a baseball game when was a kid. One night he meets this mysterious man named Mike (Michael Caine), who could change his fate by offering him that alternative life he always dreamed of. But as Burrows embarks on this journey of self discovery he realizes that even this new life has its problems and drawbacks.


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