In “Taking Care of Business,” a convict escapes prison to catch a Cubs game after winning tickets on a radio show. During his outing, he finds a lost Filofax belonging to a business executive and decides to assume the man’s identity, moving into a luxurious mansion.

As the convict enjoys his newly assumed life, the real business executive frantically searches for his missing Filofax, essential for his personal and professional matters. Their lives intersect in a comedic twist, leading to an entertaining resolution that plays out on Wrigley Field.

Taking Care of Business | August 17, 1990 (United States) 6.4
Director: Arthur HillerWriter: Jill Mazursky, J.J. AbramsStars: Jim Belushi, Charles Grodin, Anne De SalvoSummary: A convict named Jimmy Dworski escapes from prison to attend a baseball game, only to find an executive's Filofax, which he uses to assume the executive's identity and live a life of luxury, while the real executive, Spencer Barnes, scrambles to retrieve his lost life.


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