In “Talent for the Game,” aging scout Virgil Sweet discovers young pitching prodigy, Sammy Bodeen, after a chance breakdown on a rural road. This unexpected find offers Virgil a shimmer of hope for his dwindling career.

However, when the California Angels’ new owner, Gil Lawrence, spots Sammy’s potential, he aggressively hypes him up with a major PR push. As high expectations loom over Sammy’s debut, it’s Virgil’s seasoned expertise and a twist of fate that might pave the way for the rookie’s success.

Talent for the Game | June 28, 1991 (United Kingdom) 6
Director: Robert M. YoungWriter: David Himmelstein, Thomas Michael Donnelly, Larry FergusonStars: Edward James Olmos, Lorraine Bracco, John E. ColemanSummary: Virgil Sweet is on the verge of losing his job as a talent scout with the California Angels when he discovers Sammy Bodeen, a country boy with no pro ball experience, but with a pitching arm no one has seen the like of.


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