“Ring the Bell” follows city sports agent Rob Decker, who aims to sign a baseball prodigy but gets stranded in a faith-driven town. There, his interactions, especially with Daisy Cooke who guides orphaned boys, make him question his values and the deeper meaning of success.

Set against a backdrop where everyone’s life is tied to faith, Rob’s materialistic approach seems out of place. As he spends more time in the town, he begins to understand and appreciate its genuine sense of community and faith. While the film occasionally leans heavily on its religious themes, the movie fundamentally showcases the transformative impact of faith.

Ring the Bell | April 9, 2013 (United States) 6.3
Director: Thomas WeberWriter: Mark Miller, Thomas WeberStars: Ryan Scharoun, Ashley Nicole Anderson, Casey BondSummary: A fast-talking pro sports agent goes to a small town in hopes of convincing a high school baseball star to skip college for the big leagues, but getting to know the kid and the townsfolk makes him re-examine his values and outlook on life.


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