“Pitching Love and Catching Faith” tells the story of Heather, a competitive softball player known for both her sporting prowess and her streak of striking out romantically. Drawn to Tyler, a saintly and driven baseball player who has never kissed, the two embark on a light-hearted cat-and-mouse game.

As their interactions evolve, secrets and misunderstandings cloud their relationship. Tyler faces the challenging decision between pursuing his baseball dreams and following his heart with Heather, while she grapples with choosing between the lure of love and her cherished independence.

If you like this movie, be sure to catch the sequel: Romance in the Outfield: Double Play.

Pitching Love and Catching Faith | February 6, 2015 (United States) 4.6
Director: Randy Sternberg, Randolph Sternberg, Rebecca SternbergWriter: Randolph Sternberg, Randy Sternberg, Rebecca SternbergStars: Lala Kent, Derek Boone, Shawn CarterSummary: Heather is an attractive, competitive, sweet-and-sassy softball player who is used to winning, but she tends to strike out with guys once they find out she's not their type. Tyler is a competitive baseball player, charming and saintly, who has never kissed. When happens when Heather tries to get Tyler's first kiss and Tyler tries to win Heather's heart to help launch his baseball career? A head-on competition that ignites a light-hearted cat-and-mouse chase, of course. And since falling in love wasn't part of their plan, now Tyler must choose between his dream and Heather, and Heather must choose between love and loneliness.


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