“Past the Bleachers” is a sentimental TV movie about Bill Parish and his wife dealing with their son’s loss. Bill reluctantly agrees to coach the Little League team his son used to play on, with the help of an opinionated senior citizen. During coaching, Bill forms a special bond with Lucky Diamond, a mute boy with a mysterious background who becomes the team’s star player. Their connection offers therapeutic healing for both Bill and the youngster.

This TV movie skillfully balances child loss with optimism, blending baseball, mystery, and heartfelt storytelling. “Past the Bleachers” is a family-friendly tale of loss and rediscovery amid life’s challenges, where Bill’s coaching journey provides hope and redemption for both him and Lucky.

Past the Bleachers | June 22, 1995 (United States) 7.1
Director: Michael SwitzerWriter: Christopher A. Bohjalian, Don RhymerStars: Richard Dean Anderson, Barnard Hughes, Glynnis O'ConnorSummary: Bill and his wife have recently had to live through a tragedy. When Bill decides to coach a little league baseball team, he meets a young mute boy named Lucky, who may be just what the team needs in order to win. A very mysterious child, Lucky helps heal the wounds from Bill's past.


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