In “Perfect Game,” Kanin Crosby, an 11-year-old with dreams of baseball glory, unexpectedly joins a Little League team of misfits. They quickly discover their coach, Bobby Geiser, only accepted them to win a bet. Feeling betrayed, Kanin and his teammates, with the help of Kanin’s mother Diane, overthrow Geiser.

In comes Billy, a retired school baseball coach with a tough exterior. As the team navigates their shared insecurities, they find strength in unity and friendship. Over one transformative summer, they come together to redefine the essence of a “perfect game.”

Perfect Game | April 18, 2000 (United States) 4.8
Director: Dan GuntzelmanWriter: Dan GuntzelmanStars: Edward Asner, Patrick Duffy, Cameron FinleySummary: An eleven-year-old boy finds a way of overcoming life's obstacles with the help of a grumpy coach who aids him in having the best summer of his life.


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