Pastime is the story of a 41-year old pitcher facing retirement and hostility from his teammates in a 1957 minor league team when he befriends a 17-year old black rookie who’s also been ostracized by the other players.

Pastime (1990) Drama, Sport | 94min | 23 August 1991 (USA) 7.0
Director: Robin B. ArmstrongWriter: David Eyre Jr.Stars: William Russ, Glenn Plummer, John AchornSummary: In 1957, baseball is at its peak as America's favorite pastime. Although united in its love of the game, the country is divided on the issue of Civil Rights. Aging minor leaguer Roy Dean Bream (William Russ) knows this, but when the team signs rookie Tyrone Debray (Glenn Plummer), a 17-year-old African-American, Bream sees someone with the potential to achieve what he never could. As an unlikely friendship develops across the boundaries of race and age, these two ballplayers will inspire each other to be come more than they ever thought they could be.


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