“PlayByPlayMen and the Art of the Perfect Call” delves into the world of baseball radio broadcasting, spotlighting legendary announcers who have brought the game to life for fans. These broadcasters became the sole connection to major league ballparks for many, painting a vivid picture of America’s favorite pastime. From bat cracks to crowd roars, their iconic voices made every listener feel like they were at the game.

This documentary features renowned baseball announcers like Joe Angel, Joe Castiglione, and Ernie Harwell. Through interviews and iconic audio clips, the film provides an intimate look into the press box of major league stadiums, celebrating the dedication, skill, and passion required for the perfect play-by-play call.

PlayByPlayMen and the Art of the Perfect Call | August 10, 2007 (United States) 7.3
Director: Ziad H. HamzehWriter: Ziad H. HamzehStars: Joe Angel, Joe Castiglione, Ernie HarwellSummary: They're the storytellers of those warm summer nights, for kids of all ages who never had the chance to get near a major league ballpark, but instead cradled radios against their ears to hear the calls of America's favorite pastime - baseball. PlayByPlayMen and the art of the perfect call is a documentary film devoted to those broadcasters who dedicate their lives to making that perfect call. With their hearts in radio, their faces on television, come sit beside them in the press box at major league stadiums for an insider's look at the art and craft of the play-by-play, starring some of the most well-known baseball announcers of all time.
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