“Rice Field of Dreams” documents the formation of Cambodia’s first National Baseball Team, with refugee Joe Cook at its helm. Supported by Major League Baseball and an American coaching staff, the team pursues an ambitious goal: to win a medal and bring honor to their homeland. Cook, once a survivor of the Khmer Rouge and later a chef in Alabama, serves as the poignant anchor of this journey.

Director Daron Ker brilliantly showcases the resilience and hope innate to the Cambodian spirit against the backdrop of its vibrant culture. As the narrative unfolds, focusing on the team’s endeavors in the 2007 Southeast Asian Games and Ker’s own heartfelt return to Cambodia after 30 years, it becomes clear that the movie’s essence isn’t just about victories. It’s a tribute to enduring spirit, collective will, and the triumph over challenges.

Rice Field of Dreams | November 19, 2013 (United States)
Director: Daron KerWriter: Daron KerStars: Cory Beaudoin, Phil Beaudoin, Joe CookSummary: Twenty-two Cambodian Baseball players are assembled to compete for their country as the first Cambodian National Team. With the support of Major League Baseball and American coaching staff behind them, can they bring home a medal to honor their beloved country?
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