“Slow Moe” is Marvin “Moe” Mobley, a young boy in a small town. Moe has a single burning ambition: to become a great baseball player. But, despite his endless practice sessions and relentless efforts, success remains just out of his grasp. That is, until a mysterious pair of glasses comes into his possession, transforming him overnight into the most acclaimed baseball player the town has ever witnessed.

When these magical glasses suddenly disappear, so does Marvin’s confidence. Doubtful and disheartened, he fears he can no longer play without their aid. But with the unwavering support of his teammates, Marvin comes to a pivotal realization. Winning isn’t the ultimate goal; it’s the pride and authenticity in how one plays the game that truly counts.

Slow Moe 5.8
Director: Timothy J. NelsonWriter: David Massar, T.C. Christensen, George GrinerStars: Sam Hennings, Alexis Baigue, Klaus RathkeSummary: Marvin "Moe" Mobley dreams of becoming a great baseball player. His dream finally come true when he uses mysterious spectacles that turn him into the most famous baseball the town has ever seen.


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