“Small Ball: A Season with the Marauders” is a TV series spotlighting the Mount Laurel, New Jersey baseball team, the Marauders, as they strive for a championship win. The series presents the highs and lows of the season, interweaving personal dynamics and the challenges of community baseball.

Notable players, Michael A. Tamburri, Joe Pisauro, and Andy Cicero, stand at the forefront of the narrative. From internal conflicts and playoff pressures to unexpected hurdles like malfunctioning scoreboards and absent team members, “Small Ball” encapsulates the spirit and challenges of local baseball through the eyes of the Marauders.

Small Ball: A Season with the Marauders | May 18, 2015 (United States) 8.3
Stars: Michael A. Tamburri, Joe Pisauro, Andy CiceroSummary: Small Ball follows the baseball team, the Marauders of Mount Laurel, NJ, and their efforts to win a championship.
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