Set just 12 miles south of Fenway Park at Adams Field in Quincy, Massachusetts, “The 100th Inning” is a compelling documentary directed by Alex Koppelman, shining a light on the world’s longest baseball game and its profound impact in the fight against ALS.

The film poignantly showcases the dedication of individuals like Brett Rudy, the game’s founder, and the unwavering commitment of Walter Bentson, the umpire chief, who, after orchestrating this game for over two decades, was tragically diagnosed with ALS himself. Key figures such as Rick Kennedy, president of The Angel Fund, and Pete Frates, the visionary behind the Ice Bucket Challenge, feature prominently, demonstrating the expansive reach and influence of this remarkable event. Amplifying the game’s resonance are Curt and Shonda Schilling, whose advocacy has been paramount in raising awareness.

As each inning unfolds, the documentary captures the heart, resilience, and unity of a community tirelessly batting for a cause far beyond the baseball diamond. Get involved in 100 Innings of Baseball.

The 100th Inning | September 1, 2023 (United States)
Director: Alex KoppelmanWriter: Alex KoppelmanStars: Walter Bentson, Tom Dixon, Declan Finn-HansonSummary: Set outside Boston, "The 100th Inning" dives beyond baseball for ALS awareness. With figures like ALS-diagnosed umpire Walter Bentson, Angel Fund's Rich Kennedy, and Ice Bucket Challenge's Pete Frates, players keep swinging to find a cure.
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