“The Mendoza Line” follows Ricardo Perez, a 22-year-old minor league catcher in his fourth year of A-ball, struggling both on the field and as an undocumented immigrant. With pressures from his batting performance just above The Mendoza Line (.200) and a dedicated yet weary wife, Christina, Ricardo’s pursuit of his dream is fraught with challenges.

Offering an authentic look into low-level minor league baseball, “The Mendoza Line” captures not just the sport’s challenges, but also the cultural nuances faced by players. Set against the backdrop of the Marysville Gold Sox team, the film also highlights the life of a minor league manager, making it a compelling watch for baseball fans and those inspired by stories of determination and resilience.

The Mendoza Line | May 5, 2014 (United States) 7.2
Director: Nathan KaufmanWriter: Nathan KaufmanStars: Juan Carlos Arena, Lon Sierra, Cesar FloresSummary: Clawing your way up the ranks of the minor leagues to The Show is the most difficult trial by fire in professional sports. Less than ten percent of every wide-eyed hopeful who signs a contract makes it. Ricardo Perez is 22 years old, stuck in his fourth year in A-Ball, a marriage on the edge and a fake social security card.
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