Ricardo Perez is in his third year of A-ball as a back-up catcher, barely hitting above The Mendoza Line (.200). His wife Christina is tired of spending the summers in a small hot valley town with no friends, caring for their two year old son and working part-time jobs while supporting Ricardo’s dream. As undocumented immigrants, they are constantly looking over their shoulders.

The Mendoza Line (2014) Drama, Sport | 82min | 5 May 2014 (USA) 7.1
Director: Nathan KaufmanWriter: Nathan KaufmanStars: Juan Carlos Arena, Lon Sierra, Cesar FloresSummary: Clawing your way up the ranks of the minor leagues to The Show is the most difficult trial by fire in professional sports. Less than ten percent of every wide-eyed hopeful who signs a contract makes it. Ricardo Perez is 22 years old, stuck in his fourth year in A-Ball, a marriage on the edge and a fake social security card. Written by Nathan Kaufman
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