“The Sandlot 3: Heading Home” concludes the Sandlot trilogy, centering on Tommy “Santa” Santorelli, a cocky Major League star. A misplaced fastball sends Tommy back to 1976, placing him on the sandlot where his baseball journey began.

Navigating 1976, Tommy confronts his mother Sara’s cancer diagnosis while reuniting with childhood friends and the nostalgic sandlot games. Facing the threat of the sandlot’s destruction by Earl Needman, Tommy, with Benny and Squints, steps up. After winning a crucial game that saves the sandlot, an unexpected event catapults Tommy back to 2004. In this altered present, Tommy discovers a life grounded in loyalty and reconnects with his mother’s spirit, embracing his transformed self.

The Sandlot: Heading Home | May 1, 2007 (United States) 5
Director: William DearWriter: Keith Mitchell, Allie Dvorin, David Mickey EvansStars: Danny Nucci, Luke Perry, Keanu PiresSummary: Successful, arrogant baseball superstar Tommy "Santa" Santorelli travels back in time to 1976 and relives his boyhood days on the sandlot baseball team, and has the chance to this time choose friendship over glory.


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