The Sweet Spot is a collection of 24 baseball documentaries over three seasons that feature the human side of America’s national pastime. For instance, you’ll meet World Series champ “Mudcut” Grant, Yankees bat boy Matthew McGough, baseball pioneers Maybelle Blair, Shirley Burkovich, Justine Siegal, and more. All stories provide insight into the game most baseball fans haven’t heard, until now.

The Sweet Spot: A Treasury of Baseball Stories Documentary | TV Series (2016– )
Stars: Ila Borders, Maybelle Blair, Jennifer RingSummary: "The Sweet Spot: A Treasury of Baseball Stories" is an original TV documentary anthology series featuring the human side of America's national pastime. It's the first TV series to capture the voices of those who weave the tapestry of baseball in America: coaches, players, bat boys, clubhouse attendants, umpires, fans, photographers, writers, artists, scorekeepers and more. The series also focuses on social issues like racism and gender bias, as well as examining the impact of art and literature on the game. War stories from former players and existing coaches add to a bold stew of inside stories that have never been told before.


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