They Learned About Women is a musical where Jerry Burke and Jack Glennon are both baseball players who perform a vaudeville act. Jack attracts the attention of money-hungry Daisy, who splits up his engagement with sweet Mary and his friendship with Jerry. Eventually, Jerry’s income is not enough for Daisy, and she leaves him. Jack, whose team is playing in the World Series.

They Learned About Women (1930) Musical, Drama | 95min | 31 January 1930 (USA) 6.6
Director: Jack Conway, Sam WoodWriter: Andrew Percival Younger, Sarah Y. MasonStars: Joe Schenck, Gus Van, Bessie LoveSummary: When Jack and Jerry are not playing professional baseball with the Blue Sox, they are packing them in on the Vaudeville circuit. Jack is engaged to Mary, but a gold digger named Daisy has worked her way into his confidence. When Mary sees Jack and Daisy together, she leaves Jack and Jack marries Daisy the next day. When Daisy decides that she wants into the Vaudeville act, she has Jack dump both Jerry and his baseball contract. But Jack soon finds that - no act - means no money - means no Daisy.


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