“Touching The Game, Cape Cod” offers an intimate look into the Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL), a breeding ground for future Major League talent. Filmed in the summer of 2003, the documentary blends vivid history with personal player journeys, featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at host families, vendors, and fans.

Beyond showcasing athletic prowess, the film captures the essence of an American summer centered around baseball. With stunning aerial shots and a local soundtrack, “Touching The Game” celebrates both the league and the tight-knit community that supports it, illustrating baseball’s deep-rooted impact on American culture.

Director: Jim CarrollSummary: "Touching The Game, Cape Cod" is a documentary that delves into the lives of collegiate athletes in the Cape Cod Baseball League, capturing the league's history, community spirit, and role as a proving ground for future Major League talent through interviews, aerial footage, and a local soundtrack.


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