You’re OUT! follows Rod Browning, a former minor league baseball player, on a cross-country journey with his best friend and their teenage sons, aiming for a college baseball recruitment.

The trip mirrors the comedic escapades of National Lampoon’s Vacation, but centered around baseball. Meanwhile, Rod’s wife, Simone, financially supports the family through her adult video service. As she faces potential exposure by judgmental school parents, she challenges Rod to sort out his life and return for their daughter’s birthday or lose her.

You're OUT! | July 31, 2023 (United States) 9
Director: Katharin 'Ladie K' MrazWriter: Sandy De LisleStars: Shannon Brown, Edward Kaihatsu, Suzette BrownSummary: A former Minor League pitcher projects his Major League aspirations on his 17-year-old son, taking him on a desperate cross-country road trip to get him recruited by a college baseball team.


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