Baseball Simulator (1989-1999)
Baseball Stars was one of the first sports games to have data memory, therefore players could create a team, configure baseball league & play a season, and throughout the CPU stored cumulative statistics. Baseball Stars was also the first sports game for the NES to have a create a player feature; giving gamers the power to name their players, as well as their teams. The game also introduced a role playing element; as each game played earns the winning team money, and the amount won is directly related to the sum of the prestige ratings of the players from both teams. Published by SNK.

  • Baseball Stars (1989)
  • Baseball Stars Professional (1991)
  • Baseball Stars 2 (1992)
  • Baseball Stars Color (1999)

Play through of Baseball Stars from SNK – arguably the best baseball game and soundtrack from my childood:

Overview of Baseball Stars Professional from SNK:

Trailer for Baseball Stars 2 from SNK:

The final release from SNK, Baseball Stars Color – which is interesting, because all four games in the series are in color:

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