Super Baseball & Super Baseball 2020 (1988 & 1991)
Atari’s Super Baseball is an altered version of the Atari 2600 version of RealSports Baseball. The game controls are identical. The alterations are that the graphics and colors were changed. Also, the options were reduced to one or two player and whether, in one player, the human player is up first at bat or not. Otherwise, everything else is the same. You still can throw fastballs, curve balls, sinkers, etc. and you can still bunt, hit fly balls, etc. Scoring remains the same with a tie after nine innings going into extra innings.

In the year 2020, baseball finally evolved – to Super Baseball 2020. There is no longer conventional professional baseball. Baseball designed by the Super Baseball Association has been very popular and is the best sport. The association has used a colossal sum of money to promote Super Baseball as show business. They have manipulated each player’s ability using the control computer to secretly decide victory or defeat in every game. The players who knew this removed the connecting parts of the computer to play their own game of baseball. Finally, a fair game is going to be played at Cyber Egg Stadium. Developed by Pallas and produced by SNK Corporation.

Watch gameplay action of Super Baseball for the Atari 2600:

Watch a complete playthrough of Super Baseball 2020 for the Neo Geo CD:

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