Baseball Lighthouse – South Korea

Visit Chiram Hang, South Korea’s iconic Baseball Lighthouse. Commemorating the 2008 Olympic win, this Busan beacon merges artistry with history.

The Baseball Lighthouse, (a.k.a. Chiram Hang), in South Korea is a symbol of national pride, commemorating the country’s significant victory in baseball during the Beijing Olympics of 2008. Launched in 2009, this distinctive structure is a result of a collaboration between the Busan Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Busan Regional Maritime Affairs & Port Office, under the initiative to utilize lighthouses as tourism resources. Designed from steel, its shape resembles a baseball bat, ball, and glove, reflecting both the sport’s essence and the team’s achievement.

Serving as a beacon for Busan’s future, the lighthouse also incorporates artistry in its design. The Beijing Olympic victory is ingeniously represented by hollowing out the baseball’s center. Moreover, as a lasting homage to the victorious team, the baseball part of the lighthouse is etched with the autographs of the players who secured South Korea’s first gold medal in baseball during the 2008 Olympics.

Baseball Lighthouse in South Korea
Baseball Lighthouse in South Korea
Heading Toward the Baseball Lighthouse
Heading Toward the Baseball Lighthouse

Baseball Lighthouse at Sunrise

As the first hues of dawn stretch across the horizon, the scene opens to the serene sight of the Baseball Lighthouse. Situated on a rugged coastline, this iconic lighthouse, uniquely shaped like a towering baseball bat with a baseball and glove, casts its silhouette against the gradually brightening sky.

Baseball Lighthouse, South Korea
Busan, South Korea
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