1957 All Star English Style Mild Ale

Made by Braxton Brewing Co., 1957 All Star Ale is a baseball beer. Utilizing specialty malts, it is an English Style Mild that features a unique nuttiness and caramel-like sweetness that’s intended to remind you of America’s favorite ballpark snack. A faint hop presence to balance the light malt body makes this a great summer time, take-me-out-to-the-ball-game beer. This beer was first crafted in 2015 when the MLB All-Star Game was played in Cincinnati.

ABV – 4.0%
IBU – 17

Braxton Brewing Company logo
Cincinnati, Ohio
1957 All Star Ale - Braxton Brewing Co.
1957 All Star English Style Mild Ale

Take Braxton Out to the Ballgame

There’s two things Cincinnati loves. Beer and Baseball. Celebrate both with Braxton’s 1957 English Style Mild. This All-Star Ale has a slight nuttiness and unique caramel-like sweetness to remind you of America’s favorite baseball snack.

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